Working Americans 1880-2016 Volume VII: Social Movements
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Working Americans 1880-2016
Volume VII: Social Movements
Second Edition

Pub. Date: November 2016
Hardcover: 600 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-104-2
Price: $150.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-68217-105-9 EBook Vendors

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Working Americans 1880-2016: Volume VII: Social Movements explores how Americans sought and fought for change from the 1880s to modern times. In these pages, students and researchers can explore the unique lives of Americans who demanded change - a seminal aspect of the American experience.

Completely updated through 2016, this new edition has four new chapters covering contemporary social movements: Black Lives Matter, Gay Marriage/Family Rights, Income Inequality/Occupy Wall Street and Transgender Rights.

Chapters highlight the lives of three to five individuals and explore life at home and work, community involvement, cost of living, annual income, household budgets, working conditions, social activities, and more.

Each profile is further enriched with:

Historical Snapshots chronicle major milestones;

Timelines pinpoint the progress of the social issue profiles;

Primary Documents put the topic in context;

Illustrations and News Features to showcase what it was like to live in America at that time.

The depth of information contained in each profile allows the user to explore the private, financial and public lives of these subjects, helping readers understand of how calls for change took place in an individual’s life and then rang out across the country. 

Take a look at the wide variety of movements that are showcased in this thought-provoking volume:


  • Plume Hunting
  • First Earth Day
  • Spotted Owl Conservation


  • Anti-Smoking Campaign
  • Pure Food & Drug Act
  • Influenza Epidemic/Public Health

Child Welfare

  • The Orphan Train
  • Children’s Jacket Makers’ Strike

Women’s Rights

  • Anti-Corset Campaign
  • Birth Control

Freedom of the Press/Media

  • Banning Comic Books
  • Censoring Silent Movies


  • Banning the Beatles
  • Prayer in School

Civil Rights

  • Anti-Lynching
  • Desegregating the Military
  • Japanese Internment
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Gay Marriage/Family Rights
  • Income Inequality/Occupy Wall Street
  • Transgender Rights

Working Americans 1880-2016 Volume VII: Social Movements is so much more, however, than simply a list of social issues in America. It’s a windowinto howAmericans think, act, react and get motivated. Fighting for change is the American way, from immigrants struggling to find work, to same sex couples struggling for the right to marry. The right to protest is one of the distinguishing factors that sets this country apart from many others around the world.

The Working Americans series has become an important reference for public, academic, and high school libraries. This brand-new edition, in print and online, will be a welcome addition to all types of reference collections.

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Pub. Date: November 2016
Hardcover: 600 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-104-2
Price: $150.00
EBook ISBN: 978-1-68217-105-9 EBook Vendors

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